How to Recycle the Demolition Debris

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The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you recycle and reuse the materials or debris generated from the demolition of your buildings. This will help you save you money on the costs of your new structure; it will also save the environment. We call these debris C&D materials, which stands for Construction and Demolition materials.  

Demolition Debris 

These materials are generated not just from demolition, but also from renovation and construction of roads, buildings and bridges. The EPA has a certain approach calls SMM or Sustainable Materials Management that identifies certain materials that can be reused in new construction. This will avoid the process of mining over again and processing of virgin materials.  

That’s why it’s also important to hire house demolition companies in Houston that offers recycling services for the debris they’re going to get during the demolition. These materials are as follows: metals, wood, plastics, asphalt, glass, salvaged building components, plastics, gypsum and other materials.  

The reason why the government agencies are alarmed by these materials is that it consist a significant waste stream in the country. Instead of disposing these materials, you can opt to diver them into new productive uses. In the EPA’s record, most of C&D materials collected from renovation, construction and demolition projects are wood products, steel, plaster, drywall, asphalt shingles, concrete, brick and clay tile and many more.  

Whether you believe it or not, in 2014 the EPA recorded 534 million tons of these materials. 90% of these materials came from demolition projects, so the agency is more determined to encourage homeowners and commercial space owners to recycle their debris should they wish to demolish their structure. Imagine, from 136 million tons of these materials from 1996 to 534 million tons.  

Benefits of Recycling Debris and other Materials 

It’s not just for the environment’s sake, which is a top priority for all of us. When you think of it, recycling will reduce your costs in a significant amount. With this endeavor, you are going to be a part of something greater. Recycling can create employment in the recycling industries, and will also increase the number of economic activities. In 2007, EPA shows that recycling created approximately 230,000 jobs.  

Recycling will also reduce your expenses. You can avoid spending money on disposal costs and will receive a tax benefit if you donate those materials to qualified charities. You’re also going to reduce transportation costs because of the reduced number of materials.  

What You Can Do 

You can help too. If you have demolition or renovation projects coming up, make sure you conduct the proper recycling method. You can start by reducing the materials you use. For example preserving the old structure, use a construction methods that will allow you to reuse materials and reduce interior finishes and many more!  

If you really want to completely demolish the structure, make sure that you dispose the debris properly. Recovering used materials for future uses is a great way to save money and to also protect our environment.   

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Most Common Home Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Navigating a lot of cleaning products that you can see in the market can be extremely difficult. In addition to that, trying to figure out how these cleaning products should be applied in your house can be even harder. As a matter of fact, it is pretty easy to mistakenly utilize the wrong cleaning product, or maybe use a certain product for cleaning your home in a wrong way, as well as mistakenly create a lot of damage that can be very costly to repair or replace. We recommend that you read these common cleaning mistakes in your home in order to make sure that you are not making any of them without your knowledge.  

Cleaning Mistakes

Abusing Natural Home Cleaning Products 

When talking about the surfaces that you and your family are coming into contact in a daily manner, everyone can certainly agree to the fact that the lesser chemicals are involved in the cleaning process, the better. As a matter of fact, homemade and natural cleaning solutions have increased in popularity recently, both because of their affordability and although choosing a more naturalistic route to clean the surfaces in your living space is a good decision, the truth is that these home cleaning products cannot be used on all the surfaces in your home.   

For example, lemon and vinegar are both undoubtedly very powerful cleaning tools, however, since they have much higher levels of acidity, it means that they are not suitable for stone countertops. Because of that, you should make sure that you apply lemon and vinegar correctly or research any home cleaning natural remedies first in order to make sure that it will not create any damage to your own home.  

Assuming Home Cleaning Products and Tools Are Clean 

Certainly, no one wants to sit down as well as think about this. However, just imagine all the dirty surfaces that your sponges have already touched every time you use them in cleaning your home. Kitchen sponges most especially have scrubbed raw meat of chicken off of your cutting boards, as well as wiped residue out of your skins, and it becomes a common breeding ground for bacteria and germs, which can lead to you and your family’s sickness if left unattended for a longer period of time.   

The same thing also goes for other cleaning tools such as toilet brushes and vacuums since you only have a few precautions that you can be able to make sure that you’re actually cleaning the surfaces in your home and not spreading more germs. In order to make sure that you avoid bacteria and germs from spreading around your home, simply throw your cleaning sponge in your dishwasher the moment it runs, or you can also zap it in your microwave if it is wet for a few minutes in order to disinfect it. Similar to that, you should also ensure that you are able to empty your vacuum bags in a regular manner, as well as leave your toilet brush to naturally dry out before you place it back in the holder.  

If you want to make sure that you completely avoid these home cleaning mistakes, it is best that you hire professional cleaning services for your home (carpet cleaning, upholstery), and any other cleaning service that your home needs.  

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3 Benefits of Foundation Repairs

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Our homes are standing because of its foundation. When building a home, it’s crucial to make the foundation stronger so it will last many years. You may not be aware of it but foundation becomes weak too and problems might arise over the years. It will start small but then it will grow over time. If you noticed that your foundation is growing weak, have it checked by the professional right away.  

Foundation Repairs

You might not think it’s urgent but your negligence will put your home in a great risk. Contractors like will offer you 4 generations of house moving and foundation repairs. Having your foundation repaired by this company will bring you a lot of benefits.  

Foundation Problems are Fixed Right Away 

The problems on your foundation will grow over the years and it will take more time to fix. As the foundation settles and shifts, it will cause cosmetic damage to your home. It will take you more time to repair or fix anything so your home can restore its old look. Foundation problems can also lead to damaged ceilings and walls, windows and doors and it will continue to this unless you take some action.  

Foundation damage can also cause many problems on your plumbing system which leads to basement plumbing. If ignored, the repairs will cause you more time. The longer you ignore these problems, the more time it will take you to fix everything and once the problems are piling it will cost you a lot too. Repairing the foundation not only stabilizes everything, it will also save you time and money for future maintenance and repairs.  

Adds Home Value 

If you’re scared of foundation repairs because the home might be less appealing to buyers, you’re wrong. A foundation repair done by professionals will actually increase your home value. The buyers will actually appreciate the fact that you have undergone foundation repairs to ensure its long-term stability. When your home is up for sale, they will feel more secure when bidding to it. A home with foundation problems will less likely to be sold than a home that had a foundation repaired by a professional.  

Even if you don’t have plans for selling your home, sticky windows and doors are unappealing, including other problems that are caused by foundation problems. Addressing these problems through repair will not only add home value but also comfort for your family.  

Healthier Yard 

Problems on your foundation can also affect your yard. If you live on uneven terrain, the soil erosion will damage the appearance of your yard and your landscaping. It also affects the health of your foundation. Fixing the foundation problems through repairs and drainage improvement will restore the beauty of your yard.  

A well-repaired retaining wall also improves the appearance of your property. Together with other repairs is addressing drainage issues that prevents standing water in the yard and makes the place unhealthy.  

You better address your foundation problems right away so your home will be beautiful and comfortable again.  

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